Monthly Archives: September 2009

Getting on the “Bus”

We are shipping a lot of birds, but we still have frustrations.  We have had a couple of orders of mature pheasants get delivered, and the terms were COD, and the customer tells our driver they don’t have a check – and what are our drivers to do.  Our drivers are hundreds of miles away […]

Crossing the Border

 It was a good week for our pheasant farm.  We shipped a lot of pheasants, more than we anticipated going out this week.  There were a few bumps in the road.  On one of our shipments of adult pheasants that crossed the border into Canada, a border crossing veterinarian questioned the number of pheasants we […]

Planning for the 2010 Season

After about 3 weeks of dry weather, it rained.  The dry weather made it easy to move out 7 week birds to the pens and made it easier for the catching crew to crate shipments, but we really needed the rain.  Rain makes pheasants preen, and it regenerates a lot of the cover in the […]

Running our Farm as a Business

I’ve got an issue that, at times, really frustrates me.  But I hesitate to write about it because it sounds whiny.  But in today’s game bird market conditions – the issue is confronting me so often – I’m writing about it – here goes.  We make it so easy for people to get into the […]

Our 2010 Pheasant Management Seminar

Today I spent a good part of my day planning for our 2010 Pheasant Management seminar which will be held March 7-10, 2010.  This will be our 7th seminar – and we want to make it the best one yet.  I am trying to find new and innovative speakers – to present topics our attendee’s […]

Daily Financial Decisions

Today was another 80+ degree day.  We’re shipping out lots of mature birds, and therefore making space (2nd use pens) for late (July) hatched pheasant chicks.  We are trying to gauge demand, and it’s just too early to tell.  It’s normal for preserve owners to be stoked this time of year – but since it’s […]

A Shift in the Pheasant Market

There has been a noticeable shift in our pheasant markets.  Here are some of the shifts we see – The very high end preserves seem to be affected the most.  Our President has made it clear that corporate junkets are to be looked at unfavorably.  Many corporations have cut back their perk trips to high […]

How Will the Fall Pheasant Season Go?

On our farm we are now planning in earnest for 2010.  How many breeders to keep (and how many of each breed), how many chicks to start on the farm – all are decisions we need to make, and soon.  Our chick sales for 2009 were down from our sales for 2008 – but right […]

Expensive Pheasant Feed

We are just trying to figure out how to make running a commercial pheasant farm a profitable enterprise.  Demand obviously is down and yet delivery costs, feed costs, virtually all our costs are up.  We can’t raise prices in this market – lot’s of other sellers seem willing to part with their birds for prices […]

Who is Making Money?

We are finally really getting going shipping birds.  It’s tough to know if we are making any money doing it though.  I am so perplexed – feed prices are still $80 to $100 more a ton than we paid 2 years ago – yet commodity prices are (from what I see) only a little higher […]