Monthly Archives: October 2009

Rain, Rain, Rain (go away!!!)

I just stepped outside my office and took this dreary pic. October has been one of the wettest times here I can recall.  The continual rain has made life difficult for my staff – catching grown pheasants and partridges in the rain aren’t much fun.  Despite all our efforts to add dry bedding to the […]

How Many Breeders to Keep for the 2010 Season?

We have a 4 person crew busy daily now working on setting up our breeder flocks for the 2010 season.  We are planning on keeping over 30,000 pheasant layer hens and the selection process for such a flock takes months.  This fall there is another element to setting up our 2010 flock – just how […]

How the South Dakota Pheasant Season Affects All of the U.S.

I developed the notion that however the South Dakota pheasant season goes has a large impact on the U.S. pen raised pheasant market.  Over the past few years, whenever (for whatever reason) there is an increased demand for pen raised birds from South Dakota – that demand draws birds from all the surrounding and even […]

Promoting our Food Products Business

Our Food Product business is going better than expected.   We just were awarded a contract with a large cruise line – thousands and thousands of pounds of product were ordered.  Selling dressed pheasants can be frustrating – we don’t want our product to be considered a commodity – yet many people look at any type […]

Hoping for No Early Snowfalls in South Dakota

It’s been rainy here all week, but the birds are still going out strong.  We are shipping 5 full goosenecks of pheasants this week!  I just spoke to 2 pheasant producer friends of mine that are both located in South Dakota.  They report that wild bird numbers are down in South Dakota from what was […]