Monthly Archives: November 2009

Dodged a Bullet

                     Late Wednesday night (or early Thanksgiving morning) we had a minor snowstorm – by daylight all the snow was gone.  But the 1” – 2” of heavy wet snow that did fall was enough to collapse a number of pens on our farm.  Our pens are […]

Let Them Eat Snow

                  Above is a pic of one of our 500 gallon water wagons.  November has been very kind to us – weather wise.  We have over 100,000 pheasants on the farm – outside in the pens.  Once we reach late October and then November, our water system […]

Bio-Security on a Pheasant Farm

Bio-Security It’s been a few years since Avian Influenza was on the news nearly every day.  Now of course it’s swine flu.  It’s a tough call to try and decide how tight to make your farm bio-security wise.  Many poultry farms are shower in, shower out facilities.  That protocol is somewhat of a moot point […]

2010 Production Decision

Here is an aerial picture of our breeder farm.  On the upper left are our two 50’ X 300’ breeder barns – where we breed the flocks of ringnecks we use to produce chicks in March and April.  Breeders are going into these buildings next week.  The longer building on the bottom of the picture […]

Business is Booming

It’s just been an awesome week.  We came into this week expecting to ship 2 full goosenecks of birds – as that is all we had scheduled (of course in addition we have local runs with straight trucks).  The weather has been magnificent, and there is big demand in South Dakota for birds and we […]

Harvest Moon

   Last night there was the most awesome full moon.  The air was crisp, and there was virtually no wind.  We moved out the very last of the last hatch yesterday, and though it was cold – the lack of wind meant the birds were not going to get stressed.  A year ago, right during […]