Monthly Archives: December 2009

Christmas Day!

It’s been a little over two weeks now since the big storm. For the most part the farm has returned to normal – the damage to the pens is there, but the pens have been secured, or in some cases emptied of birds for the winter and shut down. One positive point is that the […]

One Week After The Storm

It’s been a week since I last made a post to my blog. Last weekend the temperature was a few degree’s higher than freezing and our crew made the most of the opportunity. On both Saturday and on Sunday we had over 20 employees beating snow off the pens and getting the pens “up”. Then […]

Nearly Overwhelming

We have had another day to start to actually realize the extent of the damage to our farm cause by the 10″ wet snowfall.  We have thousands of birds that have escaped.  We are devoting our entire crew to trying to get a handle on the problem – but it feels like we are just […]

The Aftermath

                      We got smucked (if that’s a word) by the biggest snow storm in years.  Last night we had hours of steady, heavy wet snow.  There was even lightning and thunder.  With trepidation the crews came in this morning.  We had 35 people scheduled to […]

A Big Storm!

The media is filled with the news of a big storm.  We are preparing to hunker down and wait til the storm passes, yet we still have birds to take care of and birds to ship.  This morning a full gooseneck of pheasants left for Florida – the drivers are getting south as soon as […]

It’s Snowing!

                    It’s snowing.  We have been watering 100,000+ pheasants this week – what a job.  It’s supposed to snow 3” – 5” tonight.  The guys are leery of the pens going down again, so they went ahead and put all 100 acres down (putting pens down […]