Monthly Archives: January 2010

Wish I Had a Crystal Ball

It’s been very cold, and the hunt clubs we supply within 200 miles of our farm have had their business affected. We hear that the upcoming week will bring much warmer weather and we are looking forward to moving more birds regionally. We sent a truck and trailer with 3400 to Washington and Oregon on […]

Just a few thoughts

On a positive note, we have 55 paid participants already signed up to attend our seminar. That is just an awesome number – as we historically have had 10 – 20 people sign up in the month prior to the seminar. I am so pumped about it. I read in the paper this week that […]

On their way to Oregon

Yesterday we had a major shipment depart for Washington and Oregon. On the truck/trailer we took 3500 pheasants and 800 partridges. This is shaping up to be a BIG shipping week, as last week the weather was rough and we postponed some of our shipments. Today another full truck/trailer load departs for Wyoming and Montana, […]

Strange incident with feed

We have been investigating different diets and formulations of feed for our day old chicks. We had a hatch of pedigreed white chicks this past week and we started the chicks on a new feed formulation. After a few days, Troy (our brooder manager) was alarmed as the chicks simply were not eating the new […]

Eggs – earlier than expected.

Another week has gone by. We have been busy counting the farm (counting how many birds we have) and trying to tie up the loose ends from the storm. On Wednesday we had a shipment of birds going to Wyoming and Montana – 3100 birds. That morning the reports we had indicated we could still […]

A New Year

We’ve been through the heavy wet snow, and we’ve seen the ice – now its bitter cold. The temperature here right now (10 am Saturday morning) is 0 degrees. The pens are back up again – with new 2”X4” prop poles. We have just a few employees here today – taking care of chores, etc. […]