Monthly Archives: February 2010

The 2010 NAGA Convention in San Antonio, TX

I flew to San Antonio last week and spend three days at the NAGA (North American Gamebird Association) annual convention. The program was quite good and the hotel (The Omni) was excellent. Unfortunately only about 130 people attended. A few years back we had over 500 people attend one of our NAGA conventions. The picture […]

Getting Ready for the New Season

It’s hard to believe, but we’re in the final preparation stage for our new season (producing ringnecks for sale as mature birds for the fall of 2010). On Tuesday March 7th (just over two weeks from today) we bring our first batch of 7,000+ day old ringneck chicks to the farm. Troy Cisewski (our brooder […]

One of My Mentors

Wayne Wendorf is a good friend of mine. He owned Garver Feed in Madison, Wisconsin for years. Garver supplied feed to our farm from the 1960’s until the company was sold in the late 90’s. My father, Don MacFarlane bought virtually all the feed used on our farm from Garver. There were a number of […]

Tail Length and Genetics

Years ago there was a wide variance in mature pheasant feathering quality between growers. It was common for some pheasant raisers to over-crowd their birds and therefore produce birds with broken, notched or missing tails. If a producer raised pheasants and they had full tails, that in and of itself was enough. Today, the standards […]