Monthly Archives: April 2010

Starting Our New Season

Our pen crew moved out 1000 of the first hatch birds this week. The chicks were hatched on March 2nd, which makes them just over eight weeks old already. The birds have been outside most of the week, so hopefully they will be OK with the big storm coming in tonight – we could have […]

How the Iceland Volcano Has Affected Us

We are blessed that we have a number of customers in Europe who value our pheasant genetics and purchase our pheasant hatching eggs. We have a good customer base of pheasant farms who want either or Chinese ringneck pheasants or our Manchurian ringneck cross pheasants. In April and May 2010 we’ll ship over 100,000 pheasant […]

Promoting Accountability as a Key Part of our Company’s Culture

Above is a picture of our Tye drill – we use this to plant our cover crop in our pheasant and partridge pens. We only use this piece of equipment a few weeks out of each year, the rest of the year it sits in the shed. If anything on this Tye drill breaks, it’s […]

A Crew Dedicated to Pen Repair

A four man crew has started on the pen repair project (repairs due to the December 9th storm). Shayne Noller leads up the crew, with assistance from Nick, Felipe and Tommy. The crew has a five month time line to accomplish the repairs – they will be replacing over 30 acres of netting and over […]

Conveying The Value of Communication

This is a “no picture” entry. I haven’t written my blog for two weeks. Sometimes being a pheasant farmer can become somewhat too much, or more accurately said – more than it used to be. Here we are collecting 20,000+ eggs a day, hatching is approaching full bore – and yet we have 2,000+ mature […]