Monthly Archives: May 2010

I Spoke Too Soon

Brian Klein with a second fox I copied this narrative directly from Brian Klein’s Facebook Page: “After the excitement of shooting the fox on Thursday night, my enthusiasm was crushed Saturday morning with a phone call stating something got into our pens again and killed another 170 birds. During a stake out last night I […]

Problem Solved

Two of our managers, Brian Klein and Brian Check laid in wait last night.  Just after midnite our predator arrived.  Needless to say (considering the picture) the two Brian’s put an end to our week of carnage.

The Final Night

The manager whose office is right next to mine is Brian Klein, the pen manager.  He is responsible for all the pheasants from the age of 7 weeks until they are mature and either shipped or become breeders.  Brian has over 100 acres of covered pens to manage.  Brian is normally a quite enthusiastic and […]

Trying To Keep Everyone Happy

Overall, the farm is running well.  As anyone can imagine, there are issues – issues with chick shipments, with employees, and a myriad of other things.  Egg production is decent, but that is about all.  The breeders started laying earlier this year, and now they are backing off earlier too.  Fertility and hatchability are better […]

Treating Others Like We Want To Be Treated

It’s Sunday afternoon and I’m thinking about the upcoming week.  We want to get a better handle on the number of adult birds we have sold for this fall.  The market is so competitive.  Even though are our feed prices are up $100 a ton vs. three years ago, bird prices aren’t up much at […]

I Am So Proud!!

My wife Dori received the Janesville PTA Teacher of the Year award last week.  This is a huge (and well deserved) honor.  Dori is a third grade teacher at Jackson Elementary School.  The School District of Janesville serves over 10,000 students and employs 1,400 full time staff.  The School District is comprised of 12 Elementary […]

Invigorating School Tour!!

We had 50 Kindergarten, 1st and 2nd graders tour our hatchery and farm yesterday. It was fun. I rode the bus as the kids were shuttled to the different locations. The children asked lot’s of great questions. Schedule a tour for your event.