Monthly Archives: June 2010

One Million and Counting!

Our 1 Millionth chick (held by Juan Zamora) We’ve passed the one million mark in pheasant chicks produced this season.  On June 22nd the one millionth chick was hatched and shipped!   We still are collecting eggs and it is very busy.  On another note – we have been working on improving our website – […]

Our “In House” Expert Weatherman

Six week old whites the morning after a 1.2″ rain Our pen manager, Brian Klein, needs to be the best weather forecaster on our farm.  Every week from April thru early October – Brian has a group of pheasants to move out from our brooder barns into the pens.  If Brian doesn’t move out a […]

The New Nets Are Going Up

The new nets as they are being installed Felipe as he is working installing the new nets                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Because of the damage from the December 9th snowstorm, we are replacing over 30 acres of netting this summer.  The new nets have been arriving and they are being installed about as quickly as they get […]

How The View From My Office Window Has Changed In 6 Months

It’s been six months since the big storm.   Our pens are being repaired, and the trauma and stress of the pens falling down seems far away.  The field of snow outside my office window has been replaced by an incredible field of wheat.  We have had plenty of heat and plenty of rain, and the […]

An Excellent Year for Pheasant Cover

The taller weeds are ragweed (bad), underneath lambsquarter is growing! 2010 is proving to be an absolutely perfect year for growing pheasant cover in our pens. Our pen crew is actively managing the cover crop – weedspraying where the ragweed is growing, and selectively mowing lanes for the young pheasants to be able to see […]