Monthly Archives: July 2010

On Farm Transportation

Our 2 new Kubota’s Ellie Klein – daughter of our pen manager, Brian Klein Over the years we have used many different modes of transportation around the farm.  Small pickups (a Ranger or an S-10) have worked well. About 10 years ago we bought two John Deere Gators and we have had success with them.  […]

It’s Hot!

The temperature has reached nearly 90 degrees – which for us is hot!  Surprisingly it hasn’t rained here for nearly 3 weeks, so after a much wetter than normal May and June – it is really dry.  As recently as July 3rd, our breeder flock was producing over 7,000 eggs a day.   Now just 10 […]

The Ebb and Flow of the Day-old Pheasant Chick Market

Every year there are lots of twists and turns in the market for day old pheasant chicks.   Historically we can readily sell our chick production for hatch dates up through June 1st.  This year was no exception – the market for early season chicks was strong.  Then as we enter June – our sales fall […]