Monthly Archives: October 2010

Pheasant Farming From a Spouse’s Perspective

Bill has been slightly laid up, due to outpatient knee surgery, (he’s getting better everyday,) so I asked him if I could write his blog.  I was truly surprised when he told me, not only could I write it, but he didn’t need to approve it before I posted.  I am proud to say that […]

A Pot of Gold

I’ve experienced my current feeling many times – usually in September or October.  My feelings are that there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow – and that the rainbow ends at our farm.  The feeling originates from the rush one gets from reaping the harvest – the product of all […]

French Redlegged Partridges

    This is the third year we are raising and selling adult French Redlegged Partridges.  We have been importing the eggs from France – hatching and raising the chicks to maturity on our farm.  This year we have grown 10,000 mature Redlegs.  We find the birds to be the hardiest partridges we have ever […]