Monthly Archives: December 2010

Winter Is Upon Us

Our crews are busy selecting and placing the 30,000 bird pheasant breeder flocks.  Our breeder pens were completely emptied of birds at the end of the 2010 breeding season and all the pens were tilled and planted.  We think it’s vitally important to completely depopulate the breeder farm and have it sit idle for a […]


It’s just two days before Christmas – about 1/2 of our employees are here today.  We’ve been through a couple of wet snow episodes in the last couple of weeks – I think we’re gun shy now.  Nothing that compares to 12-09-09 though (look back in my blog for that date and you’ll see what […]

Why Do Pheasants Pick?

Over the years I’ve heard lots of stories and rationalizations why pheasants pick.   I am going to just lay out all the things I’ve heard and then give you my own theories.  Pheasants cannibalize each other because they aren’t used to be penned up and captive.  Pheasants can be the orneriest creatures – and in […]

Our First Snow of the Year

The view from my office window as I write in my blog It’s December and we just got our first snowfall last night.  Snow and pheasant farming have a love/hate relationship.  No snow (accompanied by sub freezing temps) means lot’s of extra work for our crews watering our birds.  Too much snow (especially the wet […]