Monthly Archives: January 2011

Here We Go Again!!!

This is what we have to look forward to It looks like we are going to be in the the bullseye of this next storm.  The airwaves are just full of warnings of what the next few days will bring.  The most important aspects of the storm for us as pheasant farmers is that the […]

2011 North American Gamebird Association Convention

Chris Theisen (our farm’s production manager) and I flew down to Charleston, South Carolina this past week to attend the NAGA convention.  The convention went well – I learned a lot.  Unfortunately the convention was not very well attended – just over 100 people registered. From the comments I heard from the attendee’s, most were […]

Accidents Happen Here Too

Today is a snowy, icy day and the roads are treacherous.  To get to our pheasant pens on one of our farms, you have to drive up a hill.  One of our employees was driving the tractor in the picture up the hill this morning, towing an auger wagon filled with feed – when the […]

Delivered Through the Blizzard

Delivery on it’s way to Oregon Last week two of our drivers drove  the truck and trailer in the accompanying picture to Oregon.  While crossing Montana the drivers ran into a fierce snowstorm and seriously contemplated stopping.  But the fell in behind a snowplow and were able to get through the worst of the storm.   […]