Monthly Archives: February 2011

Approaching the End of the Season (and Beginning the Next Season)

During the 2010-11 season (running from August 2010 til mid April 2011), we will deliver 298,000 mature pheasants and 90,000 adult partridges. As of today, we have just 35,000 mature pheasants (out of the 298,000) left to deliver (in the next 7 weeks) and then we will be done! Yesterday a full gooseneck of birds […]

February Warm Up

Until yesterday, I don’t believe the temperature here has risen above the freezing mark for two months. We had about 12″ of snow cover (with 5′ drifts) – but after two days of 40 degree weather – you can see the dirt in the fields. The snow cover was substantial enough to really put a […]

Yes, We Had a Blizzard.

The view at our breeder farm Troy at our breeder farm We had our blizzard as predicted.  It snowed probably a foot, but the wind was what caused the turmoil.  We had about 5 employees make it into work early this morning – more arrived as the day progressed.  Ryan worked the shop truck with […]