Monthly Archives: March 2011

Starting To Till Our Pens

Its been really cold recently, but it still has been warm enough for the crew to start tilling the game bird pens. We have two Howard Rotovators – the biggest garden tillers you can imagine. The tillers require a 45+ HP tractor to power them and they dig down about 10″ and literally pulverize the […]

Advertising Our Farm on the Interstate

We have been trying to find a way to boost our retail store sales. Since Interstate 90 is just two miles from our farm (our farm is at the corner of Highway 11 U.S. Hwy 51), we have always dreamed of getting some of those Illinois visitors to know about and then stop at our […]

Getting The Barns Ready

We have seven brooder barns that we use to start out our baby pheasants and partridges. One of the barns (Barn #5) was originally built to be a crate building, i.e. a building where we can store all of our crates (we have nearly 2,000 bird hauling crates in inventory). A few years ago we […]

Pheasant Farm Truck vs Deer This Morning

This morning our production manager, Chris Theisen took a delivery of live pheasants to a farm near Mishicot, Wisconsin. Chris took the delivery because he was going to speak to the manager there about their plans for a new mature pheasant holding facility for next season. As Chris was driving, a deer appeared on the […]

Our New Chicks Are Here – It’s Time To Raise Pheasants

We had a new phone system on the farm installed about 10 days ago, and when the installation was completed we discovered our farm alarm systems did not function. Just yesterday Chris and Troy got the alarm issues resolved, and our brooder staff now again will be notified by the alarm system if any major […]