Monthly Archives: June 2011

In the Pheasant World What the Term “Made” Means

Pheasants are quite aggressive animals, and during the age of 8 weeks up to 14 weeks pheasants act out their aggressiveness by picking on each other’s feathers. The pheasant’s tails during those ages are actively growing and the tails are soft and full of blood. When a “bite” is taken out of a young tailfeather, […]

Snow Sculpture

Shayne Noller, the assistant pen manager here enters a snow sculpting contest every year. This year he and his fellow sculptors sculpted a pheasant! I’ve been bugging Shayne for some pic’s and though he insisted he sent them to me before – regardless he sent them (again?) yesterday and I was so pleased with what […]

Finally Green

If you have the time and the interest go back on my blog to December 4, 2010 and to February 15, 2011 and look at the change in the view. We’ve had a busy week here – lots of things are happening. Ryan’s crew finished putting a new roof on pen #7 (a twenty year […]

Middle of the Chick Season

We have reached the halfway point of hatching chicks – sales are good and after declining chick sales for the past two years, it’s good to see our sales are going to be up from last year. Shipping by mail had become a challenge, but we’ve made some key changes to how we are handling […]