Monthly Archives: August 2011

Getting The Most Out Of Our Equipment

Our net revenues are about the same as they were when are gross revenues were about half of what they are now. With increased costs (especially feed) and the fact it’s difficult to raise prices when our competitors don’t raise their prices much, something has to give. We have really cut back on capital expenditures […]

Managing Cover In Your Pheasant Pens

Any successful commercial pheasant raiser knows that good cover is vital to producing top quality pheasants. There are a number of factors that help to produce good cover in your pheasant pens. First of all it’s important to till your pens, to turn under the manure from the previous year’s pheasants and loosen up the […]

Strange happenings

For years we have lit pheasant breeders here to get eggs earlier in the season and hatch our chicks earlier too. Until about 10 years ago our first hatch of pheasant chicks was the third week of March. Because we began to get orders for mature pheasants for mid-August, we began hatching pheasant chicks the […]