Monthly Archives: September 2011

Efficiency and Flow

With margins becoming tighter, we must become increasingly efficient in the utilization of our resources here. This week the managers have been a bit agitated about not having enough trucks, trailers and crates. In some ways I am enjoying hearing that our equipment is being used to the max. I often look at competing farms […]

A Sense of Urgency

We made some significant changes to the way we handled our breeders and our breeder pens at the end of this year’s laying cycle. Historically when our hens quit laying eggs in late July each year, we would move the “spent” hens to another one of our farms during the month of August. As the […]

Shipping and Feed

We are shipping birds like crazy and I believe we have produced the best looking birds ever this year. The temperature is getting colder at night which will result in our birds coloring out a little more quickly. In the pic above is a lane full of long tailed cockbirds ready to go. Commodity prices […]