Monthly Archives: March 2012

Unknown Territory

It’s been over 70 degrees here for a week and the flowers and trees are blooming and the grass is green. It would be common to still have snow here in Wisconsin in late March. Our breeding hens are responding to the weather and our egg production will reach peak soon. The warm weather has […]

Our Seminar Is Now Behind Us

Our 2012 seminar is over. Life at the farm is slowly returning to normal. The week before the seminar became a whirlwind of activity at the farm with last minute preparations, cleaning, and planning. Once the group from the U.K. arrived on March 3rd, life became a blur. I can say clearly that this 8th […]

Our Pheasant Management Seminar Is Just Days Away

Our 2012 Pheasant Management Seminar is just a few days away. We have 76 paid participants which is awesome! With speakers and employees we will have 123 people at our opening night dinner this Sunday night. There has been a lot of planning and preparation for the seminar. We advertised the seminar in the U.K. […]