Monthly Archives: August 2013

Small Business, Big Reach

MacFarlane Pheasants has the distinct pleasure of being considered North America’s largest pheasant farm, but still retains status as a small business. How can this be? There are a few factors that contribute to a business’ classification as a large or small business: size and scope. Classifying by size gives a sense for what the […]

Hun Update

Since the last update in May, we have raised all 8 hatches of Hungarians. All the birds are now adults with the 8th hatch – born in late April – at 13 weeks old. We have learned a lot about raising Huns through this process. A major learning experience was how much more time consuming […]

Employee Profile: Chris Theisen

Once a week from now on I will be posting a profile of one of my employees. The first person you get to meet is Chris Theisen.                   Tell me about your family. Are you married? Do you have kids? Any pets? I have been married for […]