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Pheasant Density in the “A” and “B” Rooms

MacFarlane Pheasants uses a two-part setup for rearing chicks. They call it the “A” and “B” room, which is a long barn or space divided into two sections. Density—how many chicks you’ve got in a space—is crucial at this time. “Those birds don’t want to die. They’re doing what they can to survive,” says MacFarlane […]

Will There Be a Glut of Pheasants on the Market?

The recent subzero weather has got many bird producers spooked that there might be a glut of pheasants hitting the market.  Here are some pertinent facts.  First of all January is traditionally one of the slowest months at hunting preserves, so the fact we have lost several weeks due to the cold affects things but […]

Are All Birds Created Equal?

Rarely, if ever, do you hear, “Oh wow! You should come take a look at this two point buck I shot!” It just doesn’t happen. When you are hunting, you want to take down the hardiest animal either to hang on your wall or to provide you and your family with excellent meat. Pheasant hunting […]

Coming to America: The Pheasant’s History in the United States

It wasn’t the first time. It wasn’t the second. It took a bunch of times for pheasants, which come from Asia, to get situated in their new home of the United States. The Ringnecked Pheasant (also called the Ring-neck Pheasant), is the toughest of its relatives, and it finally caught hold of a new country […]

Employee Profile: Sarah Baker

Tell me about your family. Are you married? Do you have kids? Any pets? Nick and I have been married for one year and have a beautiful two year old daughter named Gracelynn. We currently do not have any pets but our dream is to move to the country in a few years where I […]

Pheasants are Tough

Temperatures here have been colder the past 2 days than we have had for 20 years. It’s been as low as -18 F (that is the actual temperature, not the wind chill temp). Our birds are nearly all outside, so since we knew last week that this cold snap was on its way, we did […]