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What Makes MacFarlane Pheasants Grow? Rain, Rain, Rain.

As the U.S.’s largest pheasant farm, MacFarlane Pheasants produces an astonishing number of day-old chicks and hunt-ready adult birds every year. And where to they come from? We grow them ourselves on one of the most high-tech and efficient pheasant farms in the world. But it all starts as twinkles in pheasants’ eyes across the […]

Huns a-Flying: Switching Hungarian Partridges Speedily

MacFarlane Pheasants’ Kristin Merriman is a woman besieged. As the manager of the Hungarian partridge barn, she and a team of two others are single-handedly managing 60,000 birds this season from new-hatched chick to mature bird. With this many mouths to feed and clean up after, she’s grown efficient in her preparation and offered a […]

Candling, And The Fastest Fingers In The U.S.

Meet Juan Zamora. Juan has worked at MacFarlane Pheasants for 19 years now. But Juan isn’t just loyal; he’s gifted, and Juan’s gift is that he can stand in an 85-degree incubation room for hours on end separating fertilized pheasant eggs faster than any man or woman we’ve ever seen. Simply put, Juan is a […]

How Pheasant Meat Beats the Heat

When the temperature spikes in the summer, it doesn’t mean your pheasant meat products from MacFarlane Pheasants will arrive any less delightful. How do we pull off this alchemy? With ice and experience, we’ve discovered the fountain of youth for all our food products so that they reach you ready to go. During the summer, […]

Getting Tough With Pheasant Security

Of all the things that bird farms fear when they go to sleep at night, one of the biggest has to be avian influenza. A.I. spreads quickly and can decimate a flock. But it’s not the only disease game birds are susceptible to, and with a farm the size of MacFarlane Pheasants, we’re especially vigilant […]

There’s More Than One Way To Cook Pheasant

Pheasants have long been known for their superior nutritional benefits. With half the fat of a portion of beef, pheasant also contains high amounts of B vitamins, potassium, iron, and a host of other vital minerals your body needs every day. But just because it’s good for you doesn’t mean that it has to be […]

Pheasant Chicks, By The Numbers

Welcome to the madhouse, MacFarlane Pheasants’ central office in the thick of the day-old pheasant chick season. Each week 100,000 chicks are born, packaged, and shipped across the country, all with our guarantee that birds will arrive fresh from hatching and ready to grow. But this well-oiled machine doesn’t just happen, so step inside to discover […]

Pheasant Consulting

Pheasants are not only our livelihood, but also our passion. We have spent endless hours gaining expertise in all areas pertaining to these birds. Rather than keeping all of this knowledge to ourselves, we want to share it with you! We have always had an open door policy for all inquiring minds. Whether you write, […]

Planning a Year Filled with Pheasants

By the end of June MacFarlane Pheasants has locked up most of our adult pheasant sales for the fall. But predicting the number of birds we need each season is required well before all the orders have been tallied. So how do we do it? With a little history, a little bit of a gamble, […]

Pheasant Chicks and the MacFarlane Guarantee

With day-old pheasant chicks, time is of the essence. MacFarlane Pheasants hatches over one million baby birds each year, and to us the most important thing is that they reach you, our customer, without delay so that they can mature for your fall hunts. But even when we’ve done everything right, sometimes things can still […]