Monthly Archives: October 2014

MacFarlane Pheasants Receives Award

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and the Wisconsin’s Division of Vocational Rehabilitation recently recognized MacFarlane Pheasants. An article published in the local Janesville Gazette, quoted consultant for the state agency, Susan Paul, as recognizing our farm for “fostering an inclusive work culture that values the skills and talents of all individuals, including individuals […]

From Our Farm to Yours

  October has been busy! In fact, when it comes to shipping adult birds, we have had our two busiest weeks of the year.  We were sending drivers all over the United States, from a 1,900 mile trip to Condon, Oregon, to an 800 mile trip to Fort Worth, Texas, with many deliveries in between.  […]

The Electric Pheasant

  Times have changed since MacFarlane Pheasants started in the 1920s with some land and a handful of pheasant eggs. As America’s largest pheasant farm, we’ve stepped up our game when it comes to electronics, and more than ever the sales side of the job is handled from behind a computer. It’s because of our […]

The Secrets of Raising French Redleg Partridges

  Last year, Brian Klein and Fairah Ramsey took over the MacFarlane Pheasants French Redleg partridge brooding program. Notoriously finicky, something—or a lot of somethings—had to change about how we had raised the birds, which have always had a higher mortality than our other gamebirds. “I just went into it not knowing anything, and listened […]

Pheasant: The Other, Other White Meat

  Pheasant meat has long been known for its health benefits, and MacFarlane Pheasants has had a long, healthy business in it. But that doesn’t mean we’re just going to sit around, resting on our laurels. We’re eager to expand our already large pheasant meat business. As it stands, MacFarlane Pheasants pheasant meat and meat […]

Management Is The First Step When Your Birds Are Not Quite Right

  As caretakers of our birds, it is second nature to want to act fast when it comes to sick birds. Our first step to address the issue is through management. As an example if there is a flock of young pheasants that are showing signs that things aren’t quite right, our management team’s first […]

The MacFarlane Pheasants Employee Exchange Program

A pheasant farm changes with the seasons. For example, after MacFarlane Pheasants hatches our final Ringneck chicks of the year in August, we then ramp up for the adult bird season. So what happens to all those hard-working brooder and hatchery managers? They move to other departments to assist in new roles. A pheasant farm […]

That Pheasant Farm on the Edge of Town

MacFarlane Pheasants may be the country’s largest pheasant farm, but we’re still a local business in our community of Janesville, Wisconsin. Our deep hometown roots tie us in with our legacy and history even as we’re continually looking forward. Our involvement with our community is something we never take for granted. Here are a few […]

Out With the Old…

Well, it is official. As of yesterday morning, our “White House” is no more.  The brooder barn that we had been renting, and playfully named the “White House,” was torn down.  The neighboring John Deere business purchased the building/land and gave us ample notice that they were not going to keep the building. We had […]

Pheasants Without Borders

Because of MacFarlane Pheasants’ location in Wisconsin and because of our role as the largest pheasant farm in the United States, we have many customers in Canada. But sending pheasants abroad isn’t as simple as just slapping extra postage on their crates. In order to connect our customers with their birds it takes a village’s […]