Monthly Archives: November 2014

Cleaning Out Barns After Pheasants

After the last bird is out of the barns, we have to clean. It’s important because it makes sure bacteria doesn’t spring up. Here’s how we do it. Once the barn is empty of birds, we take down the jet tube, which connects to the air circulation system. It can get full of dust. We […]

MacFarlane Pheasants’ Future: Moving Dust and New Construction

MacFarlane Pheasants enjoys challenges created by the ever-increasing demand for pheasants and pheasant products. To accommodate our customers, we must grow to keep up with it. There are big things in the works, and here are just a few. In the spring we were informed by one of our landlords that the land we had […]

Taking Safety Precautions on a Pheasant Farm

Even though MacFarlane Pheasants raises game birds, we’re still a farm, and that means we take special precautions to keep our employees safe in the workplace. Every year 125 people die from tractor accidents in the U.S., and agricultural work has all kinds of pitfalls. How we reduce the likelihood of injury is simple, according […]

Selling Pheasants and Word of Mouth

Happy customers order from MacFarlane Pheasants year after year. They also tell their friends. This year we only advertised in one magazine, and it is in Canada. We turn our attention instead to our customer service in our live bird season. It pays the biggest dividends. Right now our focus is on our adult birds. […]

Creating Postage For Pheasant Chicks

We ship out a lot of chicks from MacFarlane Pheasants. Our practice depends upon the time of year, and the weather. Usually, in the spring we put about 131 chicks in each box. There are four compartments in each box, which holds up to 33 chicks. We pack the chicks tightly so they can make […]

The MacFarlane Christmas Tree is Up!

The holiday season is almost here and the staff is excited! If you stop by our office, you will notice that Andrea has already decorated our Christmas tree. She used a variety of pheasant feathers and ornaments to make it truly unique. It looks great! There have also been many changes taking place in our […]

How to Order a Pheasants’ Feed

MacFarlane Pheasants burns through a lot of feed every year. We’ve been working on our ordering system to make it as easy as possible and reduce the possibility of mistakes. Here’s what we’ve found. Our managers turn in their feed orders to Chris Theisen, our production manager. Chris knows the codes, and he makes sure […]

Enter To Win!

Marketing has always been exciting and challenging at MacFarlane Pheasants.   We used to do more of our promoting through the use of magazines,  our newsletters, and other printed materials.   As technology has developed, our goal was to try to keep up with it.  It’s amazing how new methods of marketing seem to be popping up […]

Invoicing for Pheasants

MacFarlane Pheasants customers tell us what they want, and it’s our job to listen. When we take an order for pheasants, chicks, or eggs, we talk to our customers and then find out what works for them. When do you want your birds? We’re listening and we’re writing the whole time. We have special orange […]