Monthly Archives: April 2015

Our Chicks Make It To California!

As you may have already heard, we are hosting an Around the World Tour to see how widespread our pheasant have become. We are happy to publish our latest entry here. Stephen Cardwell has submitted a photo of himself with our chicks brochure in front of the Santa Monica Pier in California. Each person that submits a […]

Air Flow in Barns

Air movement in the barns plays an important role in keeping game birds healthy. When the temperature starts to change in the spring and the fall, we have to adjust so the birds can get acclimated enough to go outside without problems. Being able to do this involves getting the inside temperature equal to the […]

Avian Influenza

As much as you plan and clean and put measures in place to prevent avian influenza, you’re still at the mercy of what happens around you and that point hit home at MacFarlane this week. A recognized leader in bio-security, our breeder farms, hatchery and grow-out farms – even though it may be inconvenient for […]