Monthly Archives: May 2015

Pheasant Pen Transitioning

It isn’t easy transitioning birds from the barns indoors, to the pens outside.  Although we like to have a little bit of cover started in the pheasant pens when we move the birds out, sometimes the weather doesn’t completely cooperate. We do a couple of things to lessen the shock for the birds when they […]


We’ve been trying out GroGel on some of our hatchlings to see if that extra little boost can cut down on mortality rates, and we’ve been seeing some good success. Right now we use it with the Hungarian Partridges because the chicks start out on tables, and the white pheasants. If you don’t know about […]

MacFarlane’s New Weed Wicker

We’re always looking for ways to do our jobs more efficiently on the pheasant farm and maintain the quality of the environment for our birds. It’s not that we shy away from work, but working smarter is always better. That brings us to our new weed wicker – yes, wicker, not wacker. Ragweed, as anyone […]

Bulk Boneless Pheasant Breast

If you say, “there’s pheasant on the menu,” people automatically think of a perfect pheasant breast,  or half a bird plated with sauce or nicely crisped. But distributors, if you’re just concentrating on that or whole birds, there’s a big meat segment you are missing. You can offer restaurant owners who want to offer the […]

International Pheasant Chicks

We’ve got a month or two left of our international shipping window for chicks and eggs. Space has to be booked with the airlines three to four weeks in advance to guarantee room and to make airlines aware we are shipping live cargo. Live cargo – eggs or chicks – can’t go into a cargo […]

Best Bedding for Pheasants

We get asked about bedding for the birds in the brooder barn, as well as for the mature birds, before they go outside. For the brooder barn, where chicks stay for about three weeks, we recommend larger dried pine chips. We’ve found the chips are best, shavings are too small and the chicks can eat […]

Transitioning Pheasants

Spring is truly a time of transition. The snow melts here, everything starts to green up – its rainy one day, clear the next, hot and humid and then chilly. The temperature variations make it particularly challenging to transition the gamebirds from barns to outside pens. We don’t want to move birds outside if there […]

Transporting Pheasants

 Trucking game birds around the country is a balancing act. To get healthy birds across hundreds and hundreds of miles requires attention to detail, as well as attention to weather and distance. It is a team effort at MacFarlane Pheasant Farm. We have five trailers and there are times when we have 10 loads going […]