Monthly Archives: June 2015

Catching Pheasants

When pheasants are going out to customers, we generally do the catching and crating in the morning. The crates are set up in a catch pen and we put straw in them the night before. Birds are herded into a lane between the main pen and catch pen and provided with food and water. The […]

Dressed Pheasants

That plump, meaty pheasant breast on your dinner plate at home or at the restaurant actually came from a white pheasant. No, not an albino, but a pheasant with no pigment in its feathers – a genetic variation. MacFarlane has been raising and selling meat birds for years, and we’ve honed in on that genetic […]

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

When you are transporting live cargo, like chicks or pheasants, the importance of vehicle maintenance can’t be over-emphasized. You get a flat tire or encounter a fuel problem on the road, and it’s an hour or two wait for repair help, that’s an inconvenience. If you have that problem with a cargo of 10,000 MacFarlane […]

Biosecurity Precautions

Although birds by nature have a hardy constitution, and we breed them and raise them that way, it still makes sense to take as many precautions as we can to insure their health. At MacFarlane Pheasants we taken pride in our high level of biosecurity. Barns, pens, hatcheries and brooding facilities are cleaned and disinfected. […]

Shipping Chicks to Canada

Trucking pheasant chicks across the country is complicated–there’s routing, crating, dropping off schedules, creating drivers’ schedules, arranging deliveries to reduce costs for us and our customers, road construction, and the weather. This spring, we had more hoops to jump through because of Avian Influenza embargoes. Until a couple of weeks ago, the state hadn’t been […]

Disinfecting Barns

We are constantly rotating birds out of barns, and chicks into those barns to then be transitioned to the outdoors. Everything has to be cleaned, washed, dried, disinfected and then sprayed down to prevent bacteria problems. Food pans, as well as food and water delivery systems, are cleaned; heating systems are cleaned, and fans and […]