Monthly Archives: July 2015

Vermin Pest Control

Making sure pheasants and the other gamebirds have a ready supply of food unfortunately means vermin try and take advantage of that food supply. At MacFarlane Pheasant Farm we take the issue of pest control very seriously. Rats and mice carry diseases and we make liberal use of bait boxes around the pens, as well […]

Preparing for Avian Influenza: USDA Conference

Avian influenza, commonly called bird flu, is a serious and very contagious virus that can affect both wild and domesticated birds. Birds can become infected when they have contact with contaminated surfaces, direct contact with infected birds, or when their water or feed is contaminated. Avian influenza can affect the whole poultry trade, so it is important to […]

Hatchery Cleaning

There’s always a lot of activity outside at MacFarlane’s. The pheasant pens are full now that the weather has evened out, there’s always something that needs to be mowed and it just seems people and birds just do a lot more moving around at the start of the summer. There’s a lot of activity inside, […]

2015 Avian Influenza Outbreak

As many of you know the poultry industry has just experienced the largest Avian Influenza outbreak in the history of the United States. More than 200 commercial operations have been directly affected in the Midwest. But one of the biggest overlooked aspects of this has been the impact to the transit of all poultry, and […]

Waterline Testing

Good quality water – outside or in the barns – keeps your pheasants and other gamebirds  healthy. At MacFarlane Pheasant we use the water lines to deliver probiotics or vitamins, but the very thing that makes them healthier, can also linger in the lines and form a build-up that can harbor bacteria. It is important […]