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25 Years of the Manchurian Project – Part 1

MacFarlane Pheasant Farm is justifiably proud that it’s been 25 years since we first imported Manchurian pheasant eggs into the United States, and we’re still the only pheasant farm that maintains a pure flock of the feisty birds. What we sell on our website – – is a cross with our MacFarlane ringnecks. These […]

Keeping Wild Birds off of Game Farms

MacFarlane Pheasants has over 150 acres of netted covered pens. When you are dealing with this much land, you can expect to have a few furry or feathered visitors! Keeping those visitors off of our property is extremely important in the prevention of the spread of diseases and the predation of our birds. We have […]


Everyone has a certain amount of uncertainty.  Accidents, medical issues, personal issues all can arise without any warning.  The pheasant industry has the same list of unknowns that other agricultural enterprises have.  Crop farmers have drought and prices out of their control.  Beef and hog producers have input cost and demand fluctuations.  We live in […]

The Brooder Off-Season Transition

As our Wisconsin weather changes from summer to fall, we are also in a time of transition at MacFarlane Pheasants. Our last hunt bird chick hatch, consisting of Ringneck pheasants and partridges, occurred on August 18. As a result, there are some changes ahead for our birds and our employees. Our chicks will be on […]

MacFarlane Pheasants Trip to China

It was a back-to-our roots trip for Ryan George and Brad Lillie of MacFarlane Pheasant Farms when they visited China in May. Ringnecks were imported into the U.S. from Asia near the end of the 1800s and they aren’t hunted for sport in China, but there is interest there in raising pheasants as a meat […]

MacFarlane’s Fall Festival

William Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Although we don’t want to argue with old Willy, we do feel that there is something to be said about certain names.  With that thought in mind, MacFarlane Pheasants has decided to retire the […]

USDA Certification

MacFarlane Pheasants is proud to announce that all of our pheasant products will now be USDA certified! For over two years,we have been working toward USDA certification. Our birds were USDA inspected for the first time on August 12. Now we can sell our pheasant meat to distributors all over the world! Before becoming USDA […]

Signs of Sickness or Stress in Birds

MacFarlane Pheasants is proud of our humane treatment of birds and our strict biosecurity practices. It is important to recognize the signs of sickness and stress in our birds. Higher mortality rates than normal could signal either stress or sickness, and there are other symptoms to watch for, as well. If the birds are lethargic […]