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The History of MacFarlane Pheasants, Part 1: The Making of the Farm

Editor’s Note: This is Part 1 in a three-part series detailing the rich history of MacFarlane Pheasants, a business that began 86 years ago and has since grown into the largest pheasant farm in North America. Special thanks to the MacFarlane family for providing archived documents and information.   William (Bill) MacFarlane, the president of […]

Planning Ahead for Newly Hatched Chicks

One of the more exciting moments on our farm is when baby chicks begin to hatch. However, there are many steps to complete in the brooder barns before hatching begins, to prepare for the 500,000 chicks we hatch each year. Planning Ahead Set up a master schedule of when we will get hatches (this schedule […]

Great Customer Service Is the Key to Success

Our customers are the reason we are in business at MacFarlane Pheasants! Our customers depend on us to be experts about our birds, to raise them in the most ideal environment, to ship them with expertise, and to answer questions with speed and accuracy. Our staff focuses on meeting the needs of our customers because […]

Brooder Crew is Busy During the off Season

The Brooder Crew is a critical part of the MacFarlane Pheasant team! There are 8- 10 full time employees during the chick rearing season, but during the off season a few of the employees  go on to other jobs on the farm.  The off season brooder crew (3-5 employees) works seven days a week. Each […]

The Delicate Balance Between Groundcover and Pen Netting

     It is a delicate balance to protect our pheasants and partridges in the outside pens where they live during the winter months before being sold.  Nets, 8-12 feet off the ground cover the 100 acres of pens where we house our birds.  The grounds inside the pens are developed with ground cover, as […]

Choosing the Right Type of Game Bird

At MacFarlane Pheasants, we want to supply the best game bird possible. Although our ringnecks will always be our “go to” bird, over the years we’ve recognized that hunters – here and in Europe – look for different birds for different hunting experiences. If you’re wondering what kind of birds to order, for what type […]

An Inside Look at How MacFarlane Pheasants Boxes Chicks for Live Delivery

  In an average year, MacFarlane Pheasants ships over a million chicks to its customers. Great precision and planning goes into boxing and shipping our chicks to ensure that they arrive healthy and ready to be raised. There are usually only two people counting and packing the chicks but when we need to do sexing, […]