20,700 Starter Birds Were Shipped in 2017

Some customers, who buy from MacFarlane Pheasants Inc., prefer to raise their own pheasants to maturity. This is the reason they buy our starter birds. This season, 20,700 starter birds were purchased. These starter birds are pheasants at 7-8 weeks of age.

Depending on customer preference for cocks or hens, we go into the appropriate barn to catch the order. In some of our barns we keep both cocks and hens, so if necessary to fill the orders, employees may have to sex the birds in those barns to fill the order accurately. Some customers request that we “harden” (get them used to the outdoors) the starter birds they ordered, by putting them out in our pens for a week or two prior to shipping.  We certainly are willing to do this, when a request is made.

Starter birds go to customers who want to raise pheasants in a pen, without having to build brooder barns or deal with young chicks and the complications and expenses of raising pheasants from birth. When our starter pheasants leave the farm at 7-8 weeks it gives us pen space to raise more pheasants to maturity. It is a win/win situation.

If you want to discuss the purchase of starter birds, please contact us at 608-757-7881 and discuss your needs with our office staff. You might also like to look at our Insider’s Guide to Rearing Pheasants.























20,700 Starter Birds Were Shipped in 2017

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