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Upcoming Changes in the Spot Market for Gamebirds

The market I grew up with and knew for the years I’ve run our farm, consists of most preserves booking the birds they need before the season, and then the preserves using the “spot” market to fill in at the end of the season.   Factors such as weather, local economic trends, and marketing success (or […]

Monitoring Pheasants

Birds and buildings are a big investment and we are constantly looking for ways to protect our livestock and make the most efficient use of our facilities. At a poultry exhibition a year ago I checked out a sensor system designed to monitor everything from temperature to feed and made a purchase. To say our […]

Pheasant Brats

Summer is over and fall is now upon us. Football season is in full gear now so let’s talk tailgating! If bratwurst is your ‘go to’ choice for tailgating, MacFarlane Pheasant Brats are a great alternative. Remember, our pheasants are fed natural grains, no antibiotics, hormones or animal by-products. When we process the meat, we […]

Back to the Past – Manchurian Project – Part 2

I went to China in 1994, as part of a People-to-People delegation, and we went to Changchun, the province where our original set of Manchurian pheasant eggs had been collected. The trip, as well as an explanation of our research into the Manchurian Pheasants, is chronicled in a slide show on our website – […]

25 Years of the Manchurian Project – Part 1

MacFarlane Pheasant Farm is justifiably proud that it’s been 25 years since we first imported Manchurian pheasant eggs into the United States, and we’re still the only pheasant farm that maintains a pure flock of the feisty birds. What we sell on our website – – is a cross with our MacFarlane ringnecks. These […]

Keeping Wild Birds off of Game Farms

MacFarlane Pheasants has over 150 acres of netted covered pens. When you are dealing with this much land, you can expect to have a few furry or feathered visitors! Keeping those visitors off of our property is extremely important in the prevention of the spread of diseases and the predation of our birds. We have […]


Everyone has a certain amount of uncertainty.  Accidents, medical issues, personal issues all can arise without any warning.  The pheasant industry has the same list of unknowns that other agricultural enterprises have.  Crop farmers have drought and prices out of their control.  Beef and hog producers have input cost and demand fluctuations.  We live in […]

New Tractors on the Way!

If your car was purchased in the early 1990’s and had hundreds of thousands of miles on it, you’d most likely be looking for a new car!  MacFarlane Pheasants was recently faced with a similar search. We decided that it was time to replace two of our tractors that had over 13,000 hours on each […]

Flight Pens

One of the biggest investments you make on a game bird farm is flight pens. If you are buying birds from MacFarlane farms, we’ve got a vested interest in you succeeding, so we’re not shy about sharing our flight pen plans. Remember, the main purpose of the structure is to keep birds in and predators […]

Feeding Pheasants

At MacFarlane Pheasant Farm, we take our protein very seriously. Years of work and study and hands-on research has shown us the optimum diet for raising healthy gamebirds on a farm. In the wild, pheasants eat grain, insects, worms, and pretty much anything they can peck at – even if it’s not good for them. […]