Birds For Mounting

Many people are not aware that MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. provides birds for taxidermists! Taxidermists mount birds for hunting enthusiasts. They also enter their work in competitions. Preservation of the birds is as either a table or wall mount, depending on the requests of the buyer. Anyone can visit our website called to get pricing and view photographs of the very important wings or tail feathers. We sell a variety of bird grades to meet the needs of the taxidermist. 

We sell Hens, Hungarian Partridges, Chukar Partridges, and Chukar Redleg Partridges in Grade 1 quality, only. Ringneck Cocks are sold in five different grades. Read on to get descriptions of each Ringneck grade. 


Have smooth feathers throughout.

Grade 1+

Have almost competition grade, small flaw in wing or tail, but still better than grade 1.

Grade 1

Have minimum chips on the inside of tail feathers and tips of the wings and are excellent for flying mounts. 

Grade 2

May have chips on outside of the tail feathers and wing tips. They might have a broken wing feather or two and are best suited for standing mounts. 

Grade 3

Have larger chips on tail feather and chips as large as a quarter. They may have several broken wing feather and are good for the beginner.

Please visit to get pricing and other valuable information.

Birds For Mounting











Birds For Mounting

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