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When Can We Stop Worrying About Biosecurity?

Biosecurity-the methods and protocols established to keep animals safe from contagious diseases, parasites, and pests are continuously evaluated. When there was an outbreak of HPAI in the Midwest in the spring of 2015, we increased our biosecurity standards beyond the strict protocols we already had in place. HPAI is Avian Influenza, informally called bird flu. […]

6 Feed and Water Procedures to Keep MacFarlane Pheasants Healthy

Feed and water are the life source for our game birds. Our system for making sure our     pheasants and other game birds stay healthy, by receiving proper hydration and nutrition, has 6 main procedures: We check feed and water systems daily, and each time we enter a room or pen where our birds our housed. […]

Preparing for Avian Influenza: USDA Conference

Avian influenza, commonly called bird flu, is a serious and very contagious virus that can affect both wild and domesticated birds. Birds can become infected when they have contact with contaminated surfaces, direct contact with infected birds, or when their water or feed is contaminated. Avian influenza can affect the whole poultry trade, so it is important to […]

Waterline Testing

Good quality water – outside or in the barns – keeps your pheasants and other gamebirds  healthy. At MacFarlane Pheasant we use the water lines to deliver probiotics or vitamins, but the very thing that makes them healthier, can also linger in the lines and form a build-up that can harbor bacteria. It is important […]

Biosecurity Precautions

Although birds by nature have a hardy constitution, and we breed them and raise them that way, it still makes sense to take as many precautions as we can to insure their health. At MacFarlane Pheasants we taken pride in our high level of biosecurity. Barns, pens, hatcheries and brooding facilities are cleaned and disinfected. […]

Disinfecting Barns

We are constantly rotating birds out of barns, and chicks into those barns to then be transitioned to the outdoors. Everything has to be cleaned, washed, dried, disinfected and then sprayed down to prevent bacteria problems. Food pans, as well as food and water delivery systems, are cleaned; heating systems are cleaned, and fans and […]

Pheasant Pen Transitioning

It isn’t easy transitioning birds from the barns indoors, to the pens outside.  Although we like to have a little bit of cover started in the pheasant pens when we move the birds out, sometimes the weather doesn’t completely cooperate. We do a couple of things to lessen the shock for the birds when they […]

Avian Influenza

As much as you plan and clean and put measures in place to prevent avian influenza, you’re still at the mercy of what happens around you and that point hit home at MacFarlane this week. A recognized leader in bio-security, our breeder farms, hatchery and grow-out farms – even though it may be inconvenient for […]

What you need to know about Avian Influenza

I attended the annual National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIP) conference this past June in Charlotte, NC as a Wisconsin delegate.  I learned more about Avian Influenza than I’d wanted to know.  At that Charlotte meeting, Dr. Dale Lauer from Minnesota asked me to speak about our Gamebird Industry at a breakout session at the USAHA […]

Cleaning Out Barns After Pheasants

After the last bird is out of the barns, we have to clean. It’s important because it makes sure bacteria doesn’t spring up. Here’s how we do it. Once the barn is empty of birds, we take down the jet tube, which connects to the air circulation system. It can get full of dust. We […]