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The Big Cost of Small Birds: Chukars and Partridges Versus Pheasants

There’s a lot to that old saying “Bigger isn’t always better,” and at MacFarlane Pheasants, we know that good things come in small packages. Besides pheasants, we also raise smaller birds for the hunting season, including French Redleg, Hungarian, Chukar, and Chukar/Redleg Cross partridges. These birds are often a third of the size of a […]

Differences between Hungarian and Chukar Partridges

Hungarian Partridge The Hungarian partridge is more commonly known as a Grey Partridge. It can grow up to 28-32 cm long and has a brown back, grey flanks and chest, and many have a white belly with a large chestnut colored horseshoe mark. Huns can lay up to 20 eggs at a time.Huns are originally […]