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Sharing Our Daily Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Every day is an adventure in the Maintenance Department at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. We take care of 4 Kenworth trucks, 3 Freightliner trucks, 2 Mercedes Sprinter vans, a Ford F 550 truck, and a Ford F 450 truck.  We make a lot of deliveries from our farm and it is just part of reality that vehicles […]

Smart Investments On Our Pheasant Farm That Pay Off in the Long Run

              We are making some big investments in our pheasant farm this spring. After completing our regular review of needs this year, we decided on some important work that must be done and some equipment needs that will improve our ability to effectively and efficiently accomplish caring for our […]

What is the Big Deal About Maintenance?

We have lots of equipment at MacFarlane Pheasants and we spend a great deal of time making sure that every piece of equipment is kept in great shape. It is important for us to protect our investments, from feed and water systems to delivery trucks. If we don’t maintain our equipment, we waste our resources […]

New Tractors on the Way!

If your car was purchased in the early 1990’s and had hundreds of thousands of miles on it, you’d most likely be looking for a new car!  MacFarlane Pheasants was recently faced with a similar search. We decided that it was time to replace two of our tractors that had over 13,000 hours on each […]

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

When you are transporting live cargo, like chicks or pheasants, the importance of vehicle maintenance can’t be over-emphasized. You get a flat tire or encounter a fuel problem on the road, and it’s an hour or two wait for repair help, that’s an inconvenience. If you have that problem with a cargo of 10,000 MacFarlane […]

Taking Safety Precautions on a Pheasant Farm

Even though MacFarlane Pheasants raises game birds, we’re still a farm, and that means we take special precautions to keep our employees safe in the workplace. Every year 125 people die from tractor accidents in the U.S., and agricultural work has all kinds of pitfalls. How we reduce the likelihood of injury is simple, according […]

A Time To Repair, A Time To Replace

With a farm the size of MacFarlane Pheasants, things are always breaking down. From engines to feed lines to the tires on our fleet of vehicles, when something goes belly up, we’re faced with a decision: to repair or replace. But this decision isn’t just a matter of fix-ability, although that’s important. A host of […]

No Snow – Watering 140,000 Pheasants Daily

Some years the day after we are forced to shut down our pheasant pen watering system it snows. Since pheasants prefer snow to water, in those years we save a major amount of daily effort just allowing the pheasants to get their daily water from the snow. This year isn’t one of those years. We […]

Getting The Most Out Of Our Equipment

Our net revenues are about the same as they were when are gross revenues were about half of what they are now. With increased costs (especially feed) and the fact it’s difficult to raise prices when our competitors don’t raise their prices much, something has to give. We have really cut back on capital expenditures […]

Big Saturday For Our Pen Crew

Last week our pen manager, Brian Klein was lamenting to me about the amount of work he saw on the nearby horizon for his crew. Brian is still overseeing 2,500 pheasants that need to be delivered in the next few weeks and he has multiple flocks of 6+ week old birds ready to go into […]