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Planning Ahead for Newly Hatched Chicks

One of the more exciting moments on our farm is when baby chicks begin to hatch. However, there are many steps to complete in the brooder barns before hatching begins, to prepare for the 500,000 chicks we hatch each year. Planning Ahead Set up a master schedule of when we will get hatches (this schedule […]

Secrets to Raising French Partridges

              French Partridges are a little smaller than a pigeon, fast and exciting to hunt, and delicious to eat. They can also be finicky to raise. MacFarlane Pheasants brings in French Partridge eggs from France and hatches them in our hatchery. This past year alone we had three hatches […]

The Secrets of Raising French Redleg Partridges

  Last year, Brian Klein and Fairah Ramsey took over the MacFarlane Pheasants French Redleg partridge brooding program. Notoriously finicky, something—or a lot of somethings—had to change about how we had raised the birds, which have always had a higher mortality than our other gamebirds. “I just went into it not knowing anything, and listened […]

Birds On Top of Birds: Preventing Piling with Partridge Chicks

Partridges can pile plenty, and that’s a fact, Jack. MacFarlane Pheasants raises a number of partridge varieties every year, including French Redleg, Hungarian, Chukar, and Chukar/Redleg Cross partridges. And we raise a lot: up to 12,000 at a time. But these small birds have their own host of issues that make them more challenging to […]

The Big Cost of Small Birds: Chukars and Partridges Versus Pheasants

There’s a lot to that old saying “Bigger isn’t always better,” and at MacFarlane Pheasants, we know that good things come in small packages. Besides pheasants, we also raise smaller birds for the hunting season, including French Redleg, Hungarian, Chukar, and Chukar/Redleg Cross partridges. These birds are often a third of the size of a […]

Our Various Gamebirds Have Different Traits and Attitudes

When you walk into your local grocery store, it is common to see the child that is walking quietly next to their parent, hand on the cart, the picture of obedience. Even more common, is seeing the naughty child that is taking every opportunity to escape, and run out the door the second it opens. […]

Seeing Red: MacFarlane Pheasants’ French Redleg Partridge

Five years ago, MacFarlane Pheasants received a strange request from a longtime customer: could we raise 200 French Redleg partridges? Well, sure we could. We’d been raising Chukars/Redleg Crosses at the time, a close relative in the partridge family, just like a lot of other people. The French Redleg partridge had never been bred on […]

French Redlegged Partridges

    This is the third year we are raising and selling adult French Redlegged Partridges.  We have been importing the eggs from France – hatching and raising the chicks to maturity on our farm.  This year we have grown 10,000 mature Redlegs.  We find the birds to be the hardiest partridges we have ever […]