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Sharing Our Daily Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Every day is an adventure in the Maintenance Department at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. We take care of 4 Kenworth trucks, 3 Freightliner trucks, 2 Mercedes Sprinter vans, a Ford F 550 truck, and a Ford F 450 truck.  We make a lot of deliveries from our farm and it is just part of reality that vehicles […]

What is the Big Deal About Maintenance?

We have lots of equipment at MacFarlane Pheasants and we spend a great deal of time making sure that every piece of equipment is kept in great shape. It is important for us to protect our investments, from feed and water systems to delivery trucks. If we don’t maintain our equipment, we waste our resources […]

Fleet Vehicle Maintenance

When you are transporting live cargo, like chicks or pheasants, the importance of vehicle maintenance can’t be over-emphasized. You get a flat tire or encounter a fuel problem on the road, and it’s an hour or two wait for repair help, that’s an inconvenience. If you have that problem with a cargo of 10,000 MacFarlane […]

Air Flow in Barns

Air movement in the barns plays an important role in keeping game birds healthy. When the temperature starts to change in the spring and the fall, we have to adjust so the birds can get acclimated enough to go outside without problems. Being able to do this involves getting the inside temperature equal to the […]

Brooder Maintenance in the Pheasant Barns

Maintaining equipment at a farm the size of MacFarlane Pheasants is a job that requires attention. If you give it attention, then your equipment will work through its expected lifetime. If you forget, things break down and you have to spend even more time getting them back to working order. One of the most important […]

A Time To Repair, A Time To Replace

With a farm the size of MacFarlane Pheasants, things are always breaking down. From engines to feed lines to the tires on our fleet of vehicles, when something goes belly up, we’re faced with a decision: to repair or replace. But this decision isn’t just a matter of fix-ability, although that’s important. A host of […]

Getting Ready for Shipping Adult Pheasants

  Last year we were already actively delivering adult pheasants by today’s date.  This year, with the temperatures near 90 degrees, our early season customers are holding off taking their first delivery for a week or two.  Once we get started next week or the week after that, we will be sending at least 3 […]

Promoting Accountability as a Key Part of our Company’s Culture

Above is a picture of our Tye drill – we use this to plant our cover crop in our pheasant and partridge pens. We only use this piece of equipment a few weeks out of each year, the rest of the year it sits in the shed. If anything on this Tye drill breaks, it’s […]