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Secret to a Successful Business Plan

MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. didn’t get to be so successful without a plan. We began by developing core values, followed by a mission for our business and careful communication with every employee on the farm. We believe our plan can effectively help any business owner get on the right track toward running a pheasant business. One […]

Send Us Your Favorite Pheasant Stories and Pictures

                      As the new year begins, I’ve been thinking about the many ways we could better serve our customers through our blogs. We have shared our experiences on the farm, our best practices for raising pheasants, and many support topics about raising chicks and mature […]

Don’t Miss the Biggest Pheasant Event of the Year!

We are excited to invite you to our 2016 MacFarlane Pheasants 10th Bi-annual International Pheasant Management Seminar to be held at the Ramada in Janesville March 6– 9, 2016! In addition to hearing speakers who will cover all aspects of the pheasant industry, you’ll have the opportunity to network, meet up with old friends, and […]

Great Customer Service Is the Key to Success

Our customers are the reason we are in business at MacFarlane Pheasants! Our customers depend on us to be experts about our birds, to raise them in the most ideal environment, to ship them with expertise, and to answer questions with speed and accuracy. Our staff focuses on meeting the needs of our customers because […]

MacFarlane’s Fall Festival

William Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?  That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.”  Although we don’t want to argue with old Willy, we do feel that there is something to be said about certain names.  With that thought in mind, MacFarlane Pheasants has decided to retire the […]

Town Hall Meetings

I can honestly say one of the biggest reasons we have grown to what we are now is because of our staff. Pheasant life is not for everyone. It can require odd hours and working in extreme temperatures. During busy times, we all must be very meticulous and yet efficient at the same time. On […]

Selling Pheasants and Word of Mouth

Happy customers order from MacFarlane Pheasants year after year. They also tell their friends. This year we only advertised in one magazine, and it is in Canada. We turn our attention instead to our customer service in our live bird season. It pays the biggest dividends. Right now our focus is on our adult birds. […]

Will There Be a Glut of Pheasants on the Market?

The recent subzero weather has got many bird producers spooked that there might be a glut of pheasants hitting the market.  Here are some pertinent facts.  First of all January is traditionally one of the slowest months at hunting preserves, so the fact we have lost several weeks due to the cold affects things but […]