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The Delicate Balance Between Groundcover and Pen Netting

     It is a delicate balance to protect our pheasants and partridges in the outside pens where they live during the winter months before being sold.  Nets, 8-12 feet off the ground cover the 100 acres of pens where we house our birds.  The grounds inside the pens are developed with ground cover, as […]

Keeping Wild Birds off of Game Farms

MacFarlane Pheasants has over 150 acres of netted covered pens. When you are dealing with this much land, you can expect to have a few furry or feathered visitors! Keeping those visitors off of our property is extremely important in the prevention of the spread of diseases and the predation of our birds. We have […]

Flight Pens

One of the biggest investments you make on a game bird farm is flight pens. If you are buying birds from MacFarlane farms, we’ve got a vested interest in you succeeding, so we’re not shy about sharing our flight pen plans. Remember, the main purpose of the structure is to keep birds in and predators […]

Penning-In the Hungarian Partridge

At MacFarlane Pheasants, we don’t raise the same old pheasants as other farms, and we don’t build all our outdoor pens the same. Our Hungarian partridges have different requirements than our ringneck and Manchurian Cross pheasants, so we cater to them just like we cater to our customers. Your average Hungarian partridge weighs about a […]

Managing Cover In Your Pheasant Pens

Any successful commercial pheasant raiser knows that good cover is vital to producing top quality pheasants. There are a number of factors that help to produce good cover in your pheasant pens. First of all it’s important to till your pens, to turn under the manure from the previous year’s pheasants and loosen up the […]