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How to Protect Pheasants From Wild Birds and Ground-Dwelling

Predators The protection of our pheasants and the other game birds we raise is a high priority at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. Wild birds are a hazard we can’t afford to ignore! Birds of prey, such as red-tailed hawks, turkey vultures, and even bald eagles, prey on our pheasants.  Starlings populations are a huge nuisance and […]

Monitoring Pheasants

Birds and buildings are a big investment and we are constantly looking for ways to protect our livestock and make the most efficient use of our facilities. At a poultry exhibition a year ago I checked out a sensor system designed to monitor everything from temperature to feed and made a purchase. To say our […]

Keeping Wild Birds off of Game Farms

MacFarlane Pheasants has over 150 acres of netted covered pens. When you are dealing with this much land, you can expect to have a few furry or feathered visitors! Keeping those visitors off of our property is extremely important in the prevention of the spread of diseases and the predation of our birds. We have […]

Pheasant Security Is Job Number One

To be clear, MacFarlane Pheasants is far from a gamebird prison. Actually, as America’s largest pheasant farm is more like an exclusive gamebird resort, and part of that resort’s amenities include ensuring our guests’ stay is safe and secure. That’s why we make sure nothing is amiss with regular and frequent security checks and farm […]

Getting Tough With Pheasant Security

Of all the things that bird farms fear when they go to sleep at night, one of the biggest has to be avian influenza. A.I. spreads quickly and can decimate a flock. But it’s not the only disease game birds are susceptible to, and with a farm the size of MacFarlane Pheasants, we’re especially vigilant […]

Biosecurity Upgrades

A few years ago during the “avian influenza” scare, biosecurity was a big topic. Two years ago Ben Lawton, our hatchery manager put together a biosecurity manifesto of sorts that addressed all sorts of areas on our farm where we could make improvements in our biosecurity. Over time we have instituted many (in not most) […]