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Sharing Our Daily Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection

Every day is an adventure in the Maintenance Department at MacFarlane Pheasants, Inc. We take care of 4 Kenworth trucks, 3 Freightliner trucks, 2 Mercedes Sprinter vans, a Ford F 550 truck, and a Ford F 450 truck.  We make a lot of deliveries from our farm and it is just part of reality that vehicles […]

How do we Calculate the Cost of Delivering Mature Birds?

Delivering healthy birds at a reasonable price has become second nature to our staff, but it is a detailed endeavor like everything else in the pheasant business. We can’t transport 6,000–7,500 birds across the United States and Canada without giving careful thought to how much it will cost. Every delivery we set up has been […]

An Inside Look at How MacFarlane Pheasants Boxes Chicks for Live Delivery

  In an average year, MacFarlane Pheasants ships over a million chicks to its customers. Great precision and planning goes into boxing and shipping our chicks to ensure that they arrive healthy and ready to be raised. There are usually only two people counting and packing the chicks but when we need to do sexing, […]

Chick Shipping Strategies

Over the 2014 hatching season 1.17 million pheasant chicks went to customers all over the U.S., Canada, and internationally. The majority of these went by U.S. postal service and air freight. The remainder of the chicks were either picked up at the hatchery or delivered in our chick trucks by experienced drivers. In the latter cases, […]

Shipping Chicks to Canada

Trucking pheasant chicks across the country is complicated–there’s routing, crating, dropping off schedules, creating drivers’ schedules, arranging deliveries to reduce costs for us and our customers, road construction, and the weather. This spring, we had more hoops to jump through because of Avian Influenza embargoes. Until a couple of weeks ago, the state hadn’t been […]

International Pheasant Chicks

We’ve got a month or two left of our international shipping window for chicks and eggs. Space has to be booked with the airlines three to four weeks in advance to guarantee room and to make airlines aware we are shipping live cargo. Live cargo – eggs or chicks – can’t go into a cargo […]

Transporting Pheasants

 Trucking game birds around the country is a balancing act. To get healthy birds across hundreds and hundreds of miles requires attention to detail, as well as attention to weather and distance. It is a team effort at MacFarlane Pheasant Farm. We have five trailers and there are times when we have 10 loads going […]

From Our Farm to Yours

  October has been busy! In fact, when it comes to shipping adult birds, we have had our two busiest weeks of the year.  We were sending drivers all over the United States, from a 1,900 mile trip to Condon, Oregon, to an 800 mile trip to Fort Worth, Texas, with many deliveries in between.  […]

Pheasants Without Borders

Because of MacFarlane Pheasants’ location in Wisconsin and because of our role as the largest pheasant farm in the United States, we have many customers in Canada. But sending pheasants abroad isn’t as simple as just slapping extra postage on their crates. In order to connect our customers with their birds it takes a village’s […]

Pheasant For All: Shipping Meat Across The World

While MacFarlane Pheasants may be the largest producer of adult birds and day-old chicks in the U.S., we also conduct a vibrant business in pheasant meat. From some of the highest-end restaurants in the country to specialty grocery stores like Whole Foods, we supply pheasant products to them all, and it’s this area that we’d […]