Pheasant Traits Hunters Love to See in the Wild

Pheasant hunters love to explore the beauty of the woods, fields, and habitats during the fall and winter season. Typically, only one or two pheasants can be bagged per day in Wisconsin (more in some states), during the hunting season, but the opportunity to see these beautiful birds up close is priceless and an extension of the hunting experience.

There are specific traits that hunters love to see in the wild. Ideally, they want to see pheasants that are around 2 pounds with green backs, dark brown sides, and a distinctive ring around the neck. The females tend to be more plain (buff brown), but both sexes have long pointed tails. The wildness of pheasants is particularly exciting to the hunter. When they are flushed out of the brush and flying low over the fields, there isn’t a more beautiful site!

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Pheasant Traits Hunters Love to See in the Wild

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