Reasons Why Buyers Prefer MacFarlane Pheasants

The number one trait buyers look for in a pen raised bird is performance like a bird naturally found in the wild. We have literally used a lifetime of experience to raise all of our pheasants with the attributes of a perfect wild pheasant. Our birds are uniform in size and right in the desired weight range to be the best flyers (around 2 pounds). No one wants a fat pheasant. Hunt clubs want their pheasants to be the best flyers and the most beautiful examples of wild birds! 

Hunters want to feel that they are indeed hunting wild pheasants. The perfect pheasant doesn’t fly straight up in the air. It flushes and coasts creating a vision of excellence with its bright green back, dark brown sides, distinctive ring around its neck, and long pointed tail. MacFarlane Pheasants raises these beautiful pheasants consistently. In fact, we have already delivered 100,000 birds this year. 

One of the main reasons, buyers prefer MacFarlane’s pheasants is that they can be assured that the birds are healthy. We are vigilant about biosecurity. We test our feed weekly for aflatoxins. None of our employees are allowed to own birds because we can’t take a chance that they would carry disease back to our farm. Our office staff takes orders and organizes all the paperwork necessary for shipping and for buyers to receive their game birds. Our delivery drivers follow every precaution when delivering birds to assure our buyers that they will be receiving the best looking, healthiest pheasants anywhere in North America.












Reasons Why Buyers Prefer MacFarlane Pheasants

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