The Final Night

The manager whose office is right next to mine is Brian Klein, the pen manager.  He is responsible for all the pheasants from the age of 7 weeks until they are mature and either shipped or become breeders.  Brian has over 100 acres of covered pens to manage. 

Brian is normally a quite enthusiastic and optimistic neighbor, but the past few days he has been in a very dark mood.  Some predator (he thinks it is a feral cat) has been killing Brian’s pheasants.  The predator started the killing spree 3 or 4 nights ago, and the #’s of dead keep rising.  Brian has a trapper working his traps, and I know Brian has placed traps – and even stalked the pens.  Last night the predator visited again, and nearly 200 10 week old pheasants were killed. 

The carnage in just one of the pens

There is a bounty on the predator.  Tonight this saga will end.  I’ll report back.

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