Town Hall Meetings

I can honestly say one of the biggest reasons we have grown to what we are now is because of our staff. Pheasant life is not for everyone. It can require odd hours and working in extreme temperatures. During busy times, we all must be very meticulous and yet efficient at the same time.

On the farm, all of our departments work very closely. Everyone from the brooder crew, to the hatchery, to the shipping department is in constant communication. Therefore, when anything is out of sync, the trickle-down effect can take place very quickly.

One thing that I have been doing lately to help keep the farm running smoothly is hosting what I call “Town hall Meetings.” I try to hold these at least once a month. This time is used to get together with one of the departments and really gain insight into what has been going on, how they are feeling about their job, etc.  I like to go through a list of questions that I have compiled and ask for feedback and/or comments. The typical questions are:

Do you have all of the equipment and tools that you need in order to do a good job?

What do you feel is quality?

Is there anything you would like to change if you could?

Do you feel empowered to speak up?

When an employee gives me any type of feedback, I try to just sit back and listen. It is great to see how passionate they get about their jobs when asked, and I take their input seriously. If an employee addresses an area in need of improvement, I take it back to their manager and we look for solutions.  This is what I as an owner can do to make things better if need be.



Town Hall Meetings

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